Aaron's Bed


This curved walnut bed frame is built to fit the life and style of Aaron, a talented illustrator and graphic artist. The bed juggles a sci-fi and classic modernist esthetic to satisfy his passions today and the practicalities of his future to ensure that it remains a favourite piece of furniture. Bedbugs can be a serious threat to apartment dwellers — this bed frame tackles the issue. All joints are curved to make cleaning easy; the stainless steel legs stop the little buggers from climbing in for a snack; and the back is removable. The bed is also under-lit with LED lighting, 16 different colour settings remotely controlled — Tron style.


Three and coffee Table


This hexagon coffee table was designed to complement midcentury furniture while remaining contemporary.  It is higher than typical modern italian coffee tables and lower than traditional ones; ideal for resting a cup on without being imposing. Made to last; it is constructed entirely from solid black walnut with a 6mm(1/4″) veneered top. (Typical veneers are 0.6mm or less than 1/32″)


Alan's Sectional Sofa


A multi-functioning sectional sofa, designed to allow this busy doctor to entertain large groups in his small space or relax quietly and enjoy the impressive False Creek view. A hidden roller and track system allows the down and feather back cushions to move easily around the seats. They can also be removed. A few re-arrangements leads to endless options, including a queen sized guest bed. All covers are removable, and the back supports and legs are fashioned from stainless steel for easy cleaning.


Katie & Matt's dining table


This dining table which complements the coffee table I designed and built for the couple draws again on simple joinery as the primary visual feature. The chevron shaped legs serve several functions: they serve as an incredibly strong joint requiring no additional support, increase the leg room to fit more people, and offer a unique visual feature that defines the piece.



Emerald Cut Credenza


A simple and elegant walnut storage unit designed to tuck away files or household items, but doesn’t look like a filling cabinet or a storage box. This piece was commissioned in 2010, for a large living space and designed to address the client particular storage needs. It measures 97″ long, 20″ deep and 29″ heigh. It is however available in any species of wood, any size, and can be fitted with drawers or cupboard doors. If you are interested in this piece or would like something similar please contact us.


Matt & Katie's Coffee Table


Matt and Katie required several features of their coffee table: able to easily store and hide magazines and clutter when guests arrive; safe for their new family; fitting with their existing interior as well as suit their future home; and most importantly, last a lifetime. I set out to create a timeless piece that used classic joinery techniques in a contemporary way. Made from solid oak, the stain used provides a finish suitable for children’s toys but infinitely durable and easily repaired for a lifetime of use.


Furniture Design


Hired by a Vancouver furniture company, I designed almost two-dozen sofa sets for the local manufacturer. Half of the upholstered lines sold across Canada and the US. Here are a few examples of that work.


Round 3 Table


A private commission build from local western maple, this modest six person dining table displays a solid wood base through its glass top. Cut, dried and milled on Denman Island, just off Vancouver Island in British Columbia, the table’s design features the beauty of the large timbers from which it originates. Similar pieces possible upon request.




The process I use to design and create bespoke pieces for my clients starts with several conversations about their needs, wants and aesthetic aspirations. From there, I produce a number of designs that satisfy those requirements. These designs serve as a starting point from which we firm up the final design. Borne of this process are a number of designs that are not developed–here are a few of those.


Bike Polo Mallet


In 2009, Northern Standard commissioned the design of a bike polo mallet for mass production. What is Bike polo? “The team sport… is similar to traditional polo, except that bicycles are used instead of horses. The hard-court game has seen a sharp spike in interest as of 2007 and new teams are sprouting up across the world.” [wikipedia-2011] Although well over 10,000 people play the sport, most fashion a mallet out of PVC pipe and ski pole for themselves. We set out to make the best possible tool for the game, and I think we’ve done it. This is a rendering of an early version. The final product boasts a host of innovative and patented features that are set to transform the game of bike polo.


Writer's Log


Designed to encourage uncensored creativity, Writer’s Logs are built from approximately 3,000 pages of post-consumer craft paper. Wrap, sketch or doodle; then tear off the page for a clean table top. Available as a 14″ square side table and 30″ square coffee table. We will plant two trees with the sale of each table.


Please note: Have a friend help you lift your table inside.

Writer's Block


3,000 pages of paper eagerly await your genius. Write your first symphony or next epic novel. Get it wrong, start again with a clean sheet. Available as a 14″ square side-table and 30″ square coffee table. .


Please note: Have a friend help you lift your table inside.

The Unnatural History of Stanley Park


The Museum of Vancouver invited Sholto Design Studio to design and engineer a 10,600 square foot exhibit space exploring the history of Stanley Park. The exhibit opened September 25th, 2008 and helped increase museum visitorship and transform the museum into a more contemporary and relevant local attraction. Museum of Vancouver


Flight Light


Flight light is a pendant lamp surrounded by 60 black origami birds of various sizes. Measuring four feet across, the origami folding pattern is unique and designed specifically for this project. Only two lamps were produced; however, others can be made upon request. The light physically illustrates the conclusion to a story which accompanies the lamp: Theodore and the Light written and illustrated by the designer, Sholto Scruton. To read the story, click on the document icon.